Glider Rides in Tucson Arizona


        Glider Rides / training conveniently serving

Southern Arizona from Tucson Intl Airport 


photo component by Bill Word
Our experienced pilot will take you or your friend high above the earth in our sleek self-launching glider.
You will have an exciting soaring adventure, better than you ever imagined.

Smooth, peaceful, beautiful with spectacular views of the Tucson, Catalina, Santa Rita Mountains and Saguaro National Parks.

Our glider is equipped with dual controlled  joy-sticks.
Under the direction of our pilot you or your friend may actually do part of the flying if he or she wishes.
Almost everyone does take the stick even for a short time.

Surprise your spouse, sweetheart, family, friends, customers and employees with a unique gift.

Also....a logbook entry from the instructor is available upon request. 

Fun Flight Glider Ride for One...
You take off gracefully, soar silently with our FAA-certified pilot at the controls. Search for updrafts, normally see for 60 miles in every direction. Terrific for first timers. Smooth and beautiful this flight is 25-35 minutes and is $99 per person

Soaring Seagull Lesson Package  for the aspiring glider pilot... 
This lesson includes a series of two take-offs, flights and landings, complete with logbook and conversational ground instruction between flights. The whole experience takes just over 1 1/2 hours, ground and air time. Great for someone who has indicated an interest in learning how to fly. This experience really gives the gift recipient a feel for what soaring is all about and is $179 per person

...Also available: Training glider tours of the beautiful Rincon, Catalina and Tucson 
s. Call for more information...

      For Reservations and Gift Certificates call (520) 222-6084   ...   Pay with cash, check or PayPal (include your mailing address) 
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Guest review Feb:
My girlfriend purchased a gift certificate for me and just came back home after almost an hour of soaring. We lifted off and found 3 separate thermals about 10 miles from the airport. I got a chance to fly the gilder. I was as fun and a great learning experience. We could see south well into Mexico, north all the way past Picacho Peak, West past Kitt Peak and East past the Catalinas. Although l live in the Tucson area for over 20 years, I never realized all there was to see. I strongly recommend this adventure and it is close by at Tucson Airport. 
Guest review April:
This was such an amazing experience! Phil was the best!!! He has so much knowledge and passion for flying...
The day was perfect and the views were amazing! I definitely recommend it!

Fun Flight Glider Ride for One: $99

Soaring Seagull Lesson Package: $179

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